Smelly Person

Smelly Person

I choose to stay anonymous,
But I think you ought to be told,
That people are avoiding you,
I’m sorry if I sound bold.
Perhaps you may have noticed,
Or oblivious you remain,
But it’s only fair to let you know,
So that everyone may gain.
The fact is that you smell so bad,
There I’ve said it now,
So hopefully you can remedy this,
Here’s some suggestions how….

1. First of all a daily shower,
2. Using soap from head to toe,
3. Then put on laundered clothes,
4. And deodorant to go.

It’s not a miracle cure,
It’s easy if you try,
I’ll say no more about it,
And on that I’ll say goodbye.

© Charlie Watt, Curious Cards 2015. All rights reserved.

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